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Vaginal surgery has recently risen into favour among women in the UK. They choose this procedure often to get back the youthful appearance of their genitalia or to stimulate their sexual experience.

Women who had this surgery done talked about how they felt more confident, more attractive, and more fulfilled about their sexual life. It is like having a new leash in this intimate aspect of their life regardless of their age.


Labiaplasty is a procedure that gets rid of the excess skin on the inner part of the vagina, or the inner labia. This is also known as the Labioplasty or labia reduction. It can enhance the size, appearance, and asymmetries of the vagina.


Pubic Lipo is a procedure that gets rid of the excess fat from the pubic mound. It is also known as vulvar lipoplasty.


Vaginal tightening, or Vaginoplasty, is a procedure that helps women with vaginal relaxation issues. This resolves the problem often caused by the weakening of the supporting muscles and tissues around the vagina, leading to a deformed or shapeless vagina. This procedure is preferred by women after childbirth.

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