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Having a flat tummy can do wonders to how you feel because it can be a good sign of being fit and young. If diet and exercise won’t do it, then a tummy tuck can take charge. Our surgeons can get rid of the loose and bulging areas of your abdomen and make those muscles taught once more to give you a younger-looking body. This procedure is often used by patients whose abdomen muscles have sagged due to aging, extreme weight loss, pregnancies, or lack of exercise.


This procedure is comparable to liposuction in that it should not be viewed as an easy way out of obesity. It is meant to be a solution that can be used only when diet and exercise don’t work anymore.

With a tummy tuck, it is not only about removing the saggy muscles of your abdomen. It is also about boosting your confidence in your appearance since almost instant results can be expected after the procedure is conducted. Like many of our patients, you can feel sexier in your new body with a flat tummy. It would also feel wonderful having to shop for new clothes that fit and look better on you, the clothes that you used to avoid before when you still had the bulge.


With abdominoplasty, patients can choose to get a mini or a full tummy tuck. Both require patients to be administered with a general anaesthetic.

A mini abdominoplasty is easier than a full tummy tuck. This is ideal for patients who needed to have saggy skin removed from the lower part of their abdomen. This means that the navel will remain untouched. The cosmetic surgeon will make an incision on the lower part of the tummy to get rid of the loose skin.

On the other hand, a full tummy tuck is a complex procedure that includes the repositioning of the navel. There will be two incisions – one across the lower tummy and the other around the navel. The procedure aims to tighten the muscles after which they are stitched into place. The entire procedure can last up to 3 hours, as determined by the extent of the surgery.


Tummy tuck patients have to stay in the hospital for at least a night to a couple of nights, depending on their reaction to the procedure. Bruising and swelling can be observed, but they should go down after wearing a compression garment for six weeks after the surgery. Exercising is prohibited for several weeks until your body can take exhausting physical activities.


At Cosmetic Makeover, our surgeons can be trusted with tummy tuck procedures after doing it for hundreds of times already, with mostly satisfied clients.

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