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It has always been our mission to ensure that all our clients decide only after knowing everything about all the cosmetic surgery procedures that they are considering taking.

Matters involving cosmetic surgery procedures have to be taken seriously at all times because they don’t only change one’s appearance but one’s life as well. While you do your own research, you can trust that we will be completely honest in discussing our procedures with you. That is why we have a lot of resources in store for clients like you.


The burden of researching about the cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgical team, the premises, and aftercare lies on the clients. However, we can help you in conducting a proper research, a project that aims to put clients to the right research materials, a checklist, the risks associated with the cosmetic procedures, the truths behind them, and many other tools.

We also have an online community where you can easily mingle with your fellow clients and clients-to-be. This should help you foresee just what the procedure is going to be like because they have gone through it themselves. However, Cosmetic Makeover is only one of the few companies that supply these kinds of information to clients.


Providing clinical data to clients makes for an important aspect of their research. These should come from the surgeon and the provider. The patients should be able to imagine how the experience will be like for them and the service that they can expect from the clinic and the surgeon. The data should contain surgical site infection rates, revision rates, return to theatre rates, and the number of procedures that the surgeon has performed both historically and recently. Cosmetic Makeover will give you access to such data in our pursuit of transparency.


Cosmetic Makeover complies with all the existing regulations related to cosmetic surgery and is a member of professional bodies in the industry. All our cosmetic surgeons and registered nurses are acknowledged by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Some of our website pages for Cosmetic Makeover even contain a CQC widget to make it easier for our patients to find the  most updated  CQC inspection reports about our clinic.


If you want to know more about us, there are many other sites that you can visit to get the information that you need.

  • The Cosmetic Makeover Space Community and Forum
  • Clinical Data
  • Breast Implant Information
  • The Cosmetic Makeover Service

Cosmetic Makeover will soon be making other resources, tools, data, and information available to the patients to help them make the best decision for themselves. We have an online platform that you can visit to check your consultation details, surgeon notes, garments or implants, and other information. It also boasts of reports about all our cosmetic surgeons and their statistics cards to clue in patients about which surgeon is best for them.

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