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Get rid of as much as 4 litres of excess fat within 2 short hours!


PowerX Vaser Lipo is a new lipo technique that can help you achieve your ideal body shape.
If you have grown to hate your love handles, flabby biceps, and other unwanted bulges? Cosmetic Makeover can take care of all those things using PowerX Vaser Lipo. You don’t have to deal with your problem areas alone. This technique has steadily gained followers. It uses ultrasound technology that can hit various areas without harming the other areas not included in the procedure. Through PowerX Vaser Lipo, it is now possible to get rid of more fat more quickly, which means it only requires the use of local anaesthetic. Patients can go home immediately and recover almost as quickly as well.


  • PowerX Vaser Lipo can reduce your dress size by two within an amazing two hours!
  • You will be administered local anaesthetic.
  • The procedure can get rid of 4 litres of fat right away.
  • You will not suffer from a long recovery period because of the minimally invasive technique used.
  • Patients don’t have to stay overnight at the hospital; just a visit to the Cosmetic Makeover Clinic.
  • PowerX Vaser Lipo can hit several areas with a single procedure.
  • It can be used for both small and large areas and even at the same time.
  • Patients can recover and go back to work only after a few days.


If you can’t seem to decide whether to stick to the traditional liposuction method or to try the new PowerX Vaser lipo, comparing them would be a good idea.
In terms of the purpose of having the liposuction techniques performed, traditional lipo is recommended for patients who want to have fat removed from multiple areas. With PowerX Vaser lipo, about 4 litres of fat can be removed from multiple areas within a short span of two hours.

In terms of sedation, traditional Lipo requires a general anaesthetic for the patients. PowerX Vaser lipo, on the other hand, has patients under local anaesthetic with sedative components.

Location-wise, traditional lipo must be done in a private hospital for an overnight stay. PowerX Vaser lipo can be performed right at the Cosmetic Makeover clinic without an overnight stay.

The recovery time or aftercare necessary for the patients is longer with traditional lipo. It actually has the longest recovery time among all types of liposuction. Patients may need a few days off their regular activities. They are also advised to wear a protective garment.

On the other hand, the recovery time is quicker for patients who undergo PowerX Vaser lipo. Although the treated areas may experience swelling, bruising, and soreness, these are normal and are expected to last for a few days. Just like with traditional lipo patients, a supportive garment should also be worn by the patients.


The PowerX Vaser lipo requires the cosmetic surgeon to make two to three-millimetre incisions on the skin to inject the patient with a saline solution to reduce the opening of the blood vessels. This way, bruising is minimised. The probe part of the machine is then inserted into the areas to be treated where ultrasound energy is released. The fat tissues will then be broken down after 15 to 20 minutes of being shaken. The fat cells will then be extracted through aspiration without touching the connective tissues. A single procedure can remove as much as 3 litres of fat with less pain and smooth skin.

The following areas are the common targets of the liposuction procedure:

Abdomen. The tummy is among the first areas to experience the bulge whenever you weigh more than the recommended healthy weight. This is often caused by lifestyle and hormonal factors. The bad news is that abdominal bulge is also one of the most stubborn areas that cannot be reduced simply by exercise. The different layers of fat are enough to make a person feel embarrassed and scared to wear revealing clothes, especially beachwear.

Vaser Lipo can resolve this issue by removing the fat from the stomach. The good news is that it can be done effectively without disrupting the other tissues aside from the target fat. The outcome can be a flatter and more impressive tummy

Arms. Flabby arms can make one self-conscious in wearing clothes that cannot hide those fatty arms. Going to the gym everyday may not be enough to reduce their size. They can make it even more challenging to fill your wardrobe with the right pieces of clothing. Chunky arms would be extremely difficult to shape if you only rely on diet and exercise. However, liposuction can help.
Ankles. Crankles, or the excess fat around your ankle and lower calf, are often caused by the lack of tone in the said areas. Slim people are not even safe from getting crankles, which are often covered up by trousers. Even the most devoted diet and exercise can only do so much to affect the area positively. Vaser Lipo can be a good solution in getting rid of the excess fat to have a slimmer and smoother appearance of the lower leg.
Buttocks. These may be the most difficult areas to contour. People with large buttocks often see themselves as pear-shaped and end up wearing baggy clothes to hide them. But these buttocks can be reduced by getting rid of the excess fat through Vaser Lipo. The expected result would be slimmer and more improved buttocks that are tauter and firmer.
Knees. It can be very unsightly to have fatty areas around the knees, something that can be easily removed through Vaser Lipo. Just like with crankles, people with fatty knees may opt to hide the problem areas by always wearing trousers. Anything knee-revealing would leave them self-conscious. During Vaser Lipo, the fatty tissues will be removed and the skin will be retracted for a smoother appearance of the knees.
Chin. Getting a double chin may make people feel self-conscious about showing their face. The subcutaneous fat around the said problem area can lead to a wrinkle, making it seem as though they have a second chin. This is often the effect of weight gain or ageing, but even slim people can have them too. The loose skin can be removed through Vaser lipo because the area around the chin is often hard to work on even with careful diet and exercise.
Love handles. Excess fat can easily accumulate on the flanks or waist, creating an unmistakable bulge that makes it hard to wear just about any type of clothing. This area can be very difficult to take care of if you only rely on diet and exercise.
Thighs. Bulge on both the outer and inner thighs is among the biggest problems for people who often collect excess fat waist down. These bulges may create a pear-shaped appearance that does not allow for a desirable thigh gap. It can make you feel self-conscious whenever you wear tight jeans that are supposed to create shapely legs. Large thighs are often caused by alcohol, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and trans-fats. But even without these foods in your diet, it does not guarantee that you will get the shapely thighs that you want.
Neck. Excess fat around the neck is often caused by weight gain or a hormonal imbalance. A sudden increase in your neck size may also be a warning of impending heart problems. It may also give you a more mature appearance and an obese look. Vaser Lipo can resolve this problem if diet and exercise don’t work.


Vaser liposuction patients are required to take a break from work for a few days, although it can be more depending on how extensive the procedure was. The treated areas will naturally swell and get bruised and will remain so for a couple of weeks. Patients are required to wear compression garments or support garments for around a month after the surgery to abate the swelling. Exercising is prohibited until after a few weeks.


Cosmetic Makeover has among the best liposuction cosmetic surgeons in the world. It helps that they have already performed hundreds to thousands of Vaser liposuction procedures.

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