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Cosmetic Makeover offers our services at reasonable prices since we take into consideration your specific needs. We also make sure to discuss everything about the procedure, including our price. This is part of our pursuit of a more transparent agreement with the patients about what they are getting themselves into. We want to help you make an educated decision about your cosmetic surgery to avoid conflicts.



There are other cosmetic surgery clinics that entice patients with extremely low prices, only to surprise them later with add-on costs that significantly inflate the price of the package. At Cosmetic Makeover, we do our best to be as transparent as possible about the costs of our services.

When we give you a quote for our cosmetic surgery options, that price comes with these features:

  • Free initial consultation with a customised information pack that comes with your appointment     date and time
  • A personal coordinator who will keep in touch with you at all times during your time
        spent with Cosmetic Makeover
  • Medical assessments that can check your physical condition to see if you are ready
        for the procedure
  • Free consultation with our specialist cosmetic surgeons
  • An overnight stay entails accommodation with a 24-hour room service, breakfast, and satellite TV
  • An all-around aftercare policy giving you post-operative checkups with your cosmetic surgeon
        and a qualified nurse
  • 24/7 emergency hotline attended to by qualified nurses

You will know how much you are expected to pay for your procedures during your free consultation with our patient coordinator and cosmetic surgeons. This is also in time for a complete assessment of your physical condition. Don’t be surprised to see our quotes often smaller than the quotes handed to you by other cosmetic surgery clinics At Cosmetic Makeover, all our services are offered at competitive prices!

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