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Breast mastopexy or breast uplift is recommended for patients who want to give themselves as younger-looking and shapelier breasts since the procedure can give them a rejuvenated look. This is ideal for women whose breasts have changed in shape due to pregnancy, weight loss, or simply ageing.


Childbirth can take its toll on a woman’s body, so do weight loss or ageing and one of the most affected parts would be the breasts. However, breast uplift can be an effective solution in giving you the kind of breasts that younger women have, in aid to diet and exercise. The procedure can make the breasts look perkier and fuller, which can help boost the confidence of women.

Breast uplift can be done with breast augmentation or without changing the size of the bust.


During breast uplift, excess skin will be cleared from the breast to give it a fuller and pert appearance. The areola and nipple will be repositioned by making small incisions to give them a higher position on the bust.


The procedure usually takes up to one to two hours with the patient under general anaesthesia.


Breast uplift patients have to stay for a night or two in the hospital or clinic and a few weeks of rest from work. Like with any breast-related cosmetic surgeries, you will need to put on a supportive bra and avoid any physical activity for a few weeks. It will take about a week or two before the stitches can be safely removed.


Our breast uplift surgeons are among the best in the industry for their years of experience after handling hundreds to thousands of cases involving the same procedure.

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