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For some, getting a bigger bust is like a blessing. However, it can actually be a burden to women as it causes shoulder and back pain. An easy solution would be breast reduction. It does not only make you feel comfortable but it can improve your self-esteem as well by giving you an appearance that you are more confident in.


While there are a lot of women who choose breast enlargement, there are more and more women now who are opting for breast reduction with Cosmetic Makeover. Larger breasts are never fully considered as assets by women who suffer from the strain that they impose on their back and shoulders. Aside from the strain, these women also suffer from poor posture, physical discomfort, and embarrassment. Being extremely self-conscious does not help either, especially when they encounter problems regarding the clothes that they are going to wear.


We put our patients under general anaesthetic administered by our highly skilled surgeons. We first remove the skin and fat from the breast to create a pocket. The surgeon will then relocate the nipple and areola to the right position for your breast’s new shape.


Breast reduction procedures often take up 2 to 3 hours, depending on the amount of reduction needed.


An overnight stay or two in the clinic or hospital would suffice with a few weeks rest from work. To avoid further bruising to the area affected by the procedure, patients should put on a supportive bra and avoid doing physical activities for a couple of weeks. It will take about one to two weeks before the stitches can be safely removed.


Our breast reduction surgeons have been on hundreds to thousands of successful cases, which should remove some of the causes of your anxiety.

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